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LaunchHawk Marketing | A Top-Secret "Enterprise Pricing" Growth Hack
When it comes to SaaS, pricing is not a set it and forget it event. The longer you’re in business, the more customers you interact with the more you will need to evolve your pricing.
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28 Mar A Top-Secret “Enterprise Pricing” Growth Hack

Here’s a snippet from an outstanding post about how to price an “Enterprise SaaS” solution by Lincoln Murphy, a Customer Success Evangelist with Gainsight:

Your Pricing Will Evolve

“When it comes to SaaS, pricing is not a set it and forget it event. The longer you’re in business, the more customers you interact with and that use your product, the more you learn… the more you will evolve your pricing.

Whether it’s to better align with your customers (always a good reason), or because you left money on the table (most companies start out by pricing too low, not too high), or because you want to segment your pricing tiers to reflect more accurate use cases, your pricing will evolve over time.

My suggestion to startups is to keep it simple out of the gate… to the point where I say unless you have a compelling reason not to do this, stick with one pricing plan and unlimited users (you can price against a different, probably more valuable metric but this model encourages as much use as possible).

Then you watch and interact with your customers, observe and learn from customer behavior both in-app and beyond, and over time you’ll start to see patterns emerge that will indicate how you might further segment pricing.

One way to really understand your bigger customers – or at least prospects at first – is to tell those that “need more” (whatever that means, but a lot of folks that might self-identify as “Enterprise” customers may immediately assume they need more) to contact you.

This may be uncomfortable for some entrepreneurs who just want that self-service, “no-touch” experience… that passive revenue (that doesn’t actually exist)… but talking to customers is pretty much never a bad thing.

And talking to customers that want to pay you MORE than the other customers is also not a bad thing.

Continue reading about the 5 steps to improve your “Enterprise Pricing” sales funnel.

Jim Berkowitz
Jim is a startup growth consultant and technology coach. Over the years he's assisted hundreds of organizations with getting, keeping and growing customers.

 Now his focus is on helping startups.

With experience in agile marketing, lean canvas, growth hacking, digital marketing and CRM technology, Jim and his team at LaunchHawk Marketing offer a comprehensive range of consulting services designed specifically to help startups successfully scale their businesses.

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