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Author: Jim Berkowitz

What CRM System Should I Buy (For My Startup)?

Throughout the years I have been asked this question often; and my answer has always been the same - it depends. Actually, it depends on many factors:  Are you a B2B or a B2C company?  How large is your sales organization or marketing team?  Do you...

A Top-Secret “Enterprise Pricing” Growth Hack

Here's a snippet from an outstanding post about how to price an "Enterprise SaaS" solution by Lincoln Murphy, a Customer Success Evangelist with Gainsight: Your Pricing Will Evolve "When it comes to SaaS, pricing is not a set it and forget it event. The longer you’re in...

Paid, Owned & Earned Social Media
Content Promotion

With Facebook's organic news feed algorithm now delivering your posts to only about 2% of your followers, it's more important than ever to focus on consistently creating great content that people want to share.  The posts that are most resonate with your audience become good...

Capture All Your Product Ideas in One Place with Aha!
Aha Idea Management Software

There's a variety approaches to product ideation and of course tools for helping with each methodology.  Many people love using Mind Mapping, which I myself find quite useful, during the development of completely new ideas and products; (FreeMind, Mindomo).   But, once you've launched your MVP, I...