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LaunchHawk Startup Journal 12-29-2016
Mobile Apps

It's Thursday, almost time to gear into another holiday weekend.  As New Year's approaches it's time to make our new year resolutions and blast into the future.  Here's are some of the most interesting articles I found today: The Secrets to Building a Successful Startup App  "Applications,...

How to Monitor Your Competitors Like a Pro
competitive analysis

Here’s an informative article by Patrick Whatman, a Content Marketer at Mention, about monitoring competitors. See my comments at the end of this post. "Every smart brand knows the value of analyzing competitors. To really nail your own business strategy, it pays to have a...

The 5 Key Steps to Becoming an Influencer, From Well… An Influencer
Influence Marketing

From Neil Patel, New York Times, Author, Startup Founder & Digital Marketing Wizard:  "Becoming an influencer in your industry can have immense benefits. You can use your experience and credibility to sway the opinion of others, build trust, develop your brand, and so on. But how exactly does...

How to Make Any Message Memorable

"Your audiences — clients, co-workers, prospects — have a shorter attention span than ever. That means, whether in a marketing campaign, a client presentation or in a recruitment ad, you need to use an unexpected approach to create a message that people want to remember. So...