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Startup Marketing Journal

The Importance of Your Startup’s Uniqueness
Product Poistioning

"What makes a successful brand? It has to stand for something fundamental—an underlying bedrock idea or principle that at every turn supports a company or product. This foundational platform is called positioning, and without it a brand can have no traction. Successful positioning rejects conformity. At...

How to Make Any Message Memorable

"Your audiences — clients, co-workers, prospects — have a shorter attention span than ever. That means, whether in a marketing campaign, a client presentation or in a recruitment ad, you need to use an unexpected approach to create a message that people want to remember. So...

Developing Marketing Tactics That Are Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts

Just, as marketing software technology seems to continue to splinter into an ever expanding group of categories, marketing itself has become a dizzying array of specialized skills: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influence Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, Conversion Rate Optimization and on and...