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Why Do So Many Startups Still Struggle To Find Success?
startup failure

There are literally thousands of venture accelerators, pre-accelerators, startup weeks, startup weekends, incubators, platforms, books, podcasts, videos, workbooks, blogs, technology tools and more to help startup founders succeed. But, how well is the current startup facilitation ecosystem actually working? Worldwide, of the thousands of startups who apply...

Learning Business Strategy on a Long Hike
Learning Business Stratgy While Hiking

As a Hiker, I love this article by Ken Favaro, The Strategy Lessons of a Long Hike. Ken and several friends attempted to tackle a difficult stretch of the Pacific Coast Trail only to realize that they had set their goals without a solid strategy.  As Ken...

How Do You Find The Right Target Market For Your Startup
Target Market

From an article by writer Dianna Labrien: "The better you understand your customers, the faster your business will grow. Yet, new companies often struggle to determine their initial target market, by either shrinking it to the size of zero profits or broadening it to an unreachable...

Every Startup Founder Needs To Be a Good At This!

"When it comes to startup founders, venture capitalist Jeff Jordan is looking for one quality in particular. Airbnb founder and CEO Brian Chesky has it. Ben Silbermann, the founder and CEO of Pinterest, has it, too. And if a startup founder doesn't have it, it's harder to get...

Developing Marketing Tactics That Are Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts

Just, as marketing software technology seems to continue to splinter into an ever expanding group of categories, marketing itself has become a dizzying array of specialized skills: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influence Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, Conversion Rate Optimization and on and...