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LaunchHawk Marketing | Our Startup Marketing Plans
We offer service plans for startups at all stages of growth. If we decide to work together we will prepare a 60-day plan that any startup can afford.
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How We Work

Payment Plans for Every Startup Stage


First, we’d like to hear from you so we get to know a little about what you’re working on.  Send us an email by using the “Get a Free Consult” button at the bottom of this page or the Contact Us form.


Theres’ no need for a lot of detail, just share your excitement about what you’re doing, why it’s going to be successful and how you think we can help.   We’ll get back to you right away.


Next, we’ll schedule an online web meeting with you to find out more. We want to know about you and your team, what’s great about your product (and why others will think it’s great too), your startup’s successes and pivots, where you stand right now business-wise and money-wise and your short-term goals.


We’ll Prepare A 60-day Action Plan For Your Business

LaunchHawk How We Work

Assuming that we’ve talked and like the the idea of potentially working together, we’ll either get you signed up for our “PinPoint” Program or, if more appropriate given where you’re at, spend some time developing a short-term (60 day) action plan for your business.  As agile marketing specialists, we understand that things evolve and change rapidly and that short-term plans are more easily implemented and adjusted if necessary.


Our plan for your startup will (1) be very responsive to where you are right now, (2) outline the best course of action for taking your business to the next level and (3) summarize the resources that will be needed to achieve it.  Most of the time it makes sense that we get paid some money for this plan because we just can’t spend too much of our time working for free.  We’re not talking about charging you big bucks for this, (even though it’s a valuable service); typically the fee for completing this planning is $250, which, if you become a LaunchHawk client, is credited back to your account.


If you’re a Colorado-based startup we’d love to meet with you face-to-face if possible.   If not, then a web meeting will certainly do the trick.


We’ll Make The Fee Structure Work


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2. Angel or Series A Funded Startups: These make up the bulk of our clients. They’ve launched their product, gained some amount of traction and are now seeking to rapidly scale their business.  They’ve got some cash, have limited marketing and sales resources and are seeking help to rapidly scale.  Again, we’re flexible with our payment plans.  Generally, these clients are able to pay for some, if not all, of our services. But, since they are still very much conserving their resources we may be willing to take some upside equity or revenue share (when the product we’re helping sell will translate to real revenue in the short term). This can help offset some of the fees we collect to, you know, pay ourselves. $$

So, what’s the bottom line on our fees?  Read on…

Our clients typically fall into one of the following three categories:



1. Indie Developers, Small, Bootstrapped Startups or Startups Participating in an Incubator or Accelerator: Generally, these businesses are pre-launch and are focused on achieving Product Market Fit and working on their Minimum Viable Product. These are nearest to our hearts because this is where we came from. Generally, we recommend starting with our very affordable, fully-mentored, 8 module, 30-step PinPoint Program. $



3. More Established, Well Funded Startups or Established Businesses Looking To Get Into Something New:   Growth often stalls.  When this happens, a fresh perspective on the situation by a set of creative growth consultants (like us) can shake things up just enough to get things growing again.  Also, more and more larger innovative companies are interested in using lean startup and agile marketing methodologies to launch a new product.  In both these instances the funds are generally available to pay us in full. $$$