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LaunchHawk Marketing | LaunchHawk Startup Journal 12-29-2016
It's Thursday, almost time to gear into another holiday weekend. As New Year's approaches it's time to make our new year resolutions and blast into the future. Here's are some of the most interesting articles I found today
Mobile App, Manufacturing, Remote work, Pinterest Top 100 for 2017
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29 Dec LaunchHawk Startup Journal 12-29-2016

Mobile Apps

It’s Thursday, almost time to gear into another holiday weekend.  As New Year’s approaches it’s time to make our new year resolutions and blast into the future.  Here’s are some of the most interesting articles I found today:

The Secrets to Building a Successful Startup App 

“Applications, and the ability to rapidly develop new feature functionality inside of applications – especially customer facing functionality – will be the way to monetize existing core competencies, gain market share and expand customer base in new ways,” Brian McKillips, global cloud business transformation lead for PwC,  told CNBC via email. Continue Reading.

The U.S. Will Surpass China As the No. 1 Country for Manufacturing by 2020

So why has the United States been shooting up the ranks? Long gone are the days when cheap labor was the most important input for manufacturers. Total manufacturing employment in China peaked during the 1990s and has been falling ever since. And as manufacturing continues to reduce the number of workers needed, the important ingredients to success in the sector are whether advanced technologies and materials are available, and whether or not intellectual property protections are strong. The United States beats out China on both of these scores. Continue Reading.

Why I Only Work Remotely

ROWE (results only work environment) is a fantastic framework that needs to be adopted in places employing knowledge workers. You should be measuring the output of your workers, not the amount of time you can see them sitting in your office. I refuse to work in a place with such a cynical view of their employees. If you really think your employees will not be working if you cannot look over their shoulder to check, you have the wrong way of looking at the relationship with your employees (especially at a startup). Continue Reading.

Top 100 Trending Topics for Pinterest Marketers Heading Into 2017

The third annual Pinterest 100 report (PDF) narrows down the top trends in 10 key categories the image sharing social network expects to be hot in the new year.

The list has been compiled by Pinterest’s insight team, which gleaned the most popular trends that saw considerable year-over-year increase in interest on the platform. Continue Reading.

Jim Berkowitz
Jim is a startup growth consultant and technology coach. Over the years he's assisted hundreds of organizations with getting, keeping and growing customers.

 Now his focus is on helping startups.

With experience in agile marketing, lean canvas, growth hacking, digital marketing and CRM technology, Jim and his team at LaunchHawk Marketing offer a comprehensive range of consulting services designed specifically to help startups successfully scale their businesses.

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