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We help startups at any stage to create and execute growth strategies.
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LaunchHawk’s Pinpoint Program

LaunchHawk’s PinPoint Program
(Helping People to Bring Their Innovative Ideas To Life)

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If you have a great idea for a new product, service or business and want to increase your odds of successfully bringing it to market, the LaunchHawk “PinPoint” Program is what you’ve been looking for.


Our fully-mentored, 8 module, 30 step PinPoint Program combines the industry-standard Lean Canvas and Customer Development methodologies with our own exclusive step-by-step process for gathering and learning from customer feedback.


In addition, using our simple, yet powerful, visual framework to identify the best target market for your new offering and to perfectly position your offering within its marketplace,  you’ll  be much more likely to achieve maximum initial sales traction and sustainable growth.


You can have as many people on your team as you’d like participate and you can move at your own pace or repeat a module, if necessary.


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PinPoint Program Modules

Module 1: Lean Canvas & Customer Development – In this first module you will use the Lean Canvas to document all of your assumptions and hypotheses for your business and begin to outline each target market that you are considering.

Module 2: Target Markets – This module will help you to identify the best initial target market for your new idea. It will also help you to find the people who can provide you with the most valuable feedback and will be the most likely to buy your new product or service when it becomes available.

Module 3: Buyer Choice Factors – This module will help you to better understand your offering’s competitive landscape and begin to uncover the factors that customers will consider when making their buying decision.

Module 4: Customer Problem Validation – This module will help you to gather valuable feedback about the problems your offering is trying to solve.  At this point in the program, you will also step back and analyze the feedback you’ve received and adapt your product and business assumptions, as necessary.

Module 5: Buyer Choice Factor Feedback – This module will help you to gather the feedback needed to understand exactly how your offering is positioned (vis a vis its competition) within the marketplace and in the minds of potential customers.

Module 6: Customer Solution Validation – This module will help you to gather valuable feedback about the solution you will be offering.   At this point in the program, you will also step back and analyze the feedback you’ve received and adapt your product and business assumptions, as necessary; including the decisions you’ve made about the elements you will be including in your initial offering.

Module 7: Analyzing How Customers Decide What to Buy – This module will help you to gain strong initial sales traction by finalizing how to best position and communicate about your offering based on what you’ve learned from using LaunchHawk’s PinPoint Visual Framework.

Module 8: Strategic & Product Launch Planning – In this last module we’ll all be working together to create a go forward strategic plan and a product launch plan.

Each week there will be a live group webinar on each module.  Each module will come with a step-by-step action plan outlining what you need to do and you’ll be introduced to the tools and or technology needed to complete each task.  There will also be a one-on-one mentor call with each team every week to review your progress, provide any needed guidance and to answer any questions you may have.