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We help startups at any stage to create and execute growth strategies.
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Our Solution

Seize Your Market

Seize Your Market With LaunchHawk & Vennli

For the growth-focused business, Vennli is the platform for creating and executing growth strategy. Our cloud-based software platform is built around a proven strategy model but our difference is customer choice.


At the heart of every growth challenge, there is a customer making a choice. Vennli will help you identify the factors that your customers weigh when making a decision and reveal the extent to which you and your competitors are filling their needs.


It’s on your customer’s voice that you’ll build your winning strategy.

Grow Continuously

Designed for continuous use, Vennli helps you focus your growth challenges to a level where you can impact customer choice and drive real results. You can create a portfolio of growth cases spanning your entire organization. With Vennli…


  • Listen to what customers value and perceive as your competitive advantage
  • Learn how customers make decisions so you can create unique value to differentiate yourself
  • Grow by linking these insights directly to strategic decision making
Customer Voice

Listen to the Voice of Your Customers

Let the voice of your customers drive strategic decision making. We make it easy.


  • Identify and validate the factors your customers weigh when making a purchasing decision,
  • Use the built-in survey platform to quickly develop and execute customer surveys, and 
  • Make the right decisions using our real-time, actionable data.

Visual, Intuitive Reporting

Visualize your competitive positioning with intuitive reporting.


  • Segment your data to uncover new insights,
  • Compare internal thinking to actual customer perceptions, and
  • Continuously collect data to assess how you’re moving the needles.