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With Facebook's organic news feed algorithm now delivering posts to only about 2% of your followers, it's more important than ever to create great content people want to share.
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28 Mar Paid, Owned & Earned Social Media

Content Promotion

With Facebook’s organic news feed algorithm now delivering your posts to only about 2% of your followers, it’s more important than ever to focus on consistently creating great content that people want to share.  The posts that are most resonate with your audience become good candidates for boosting, (which is still a bargain), which can increase your presence with your target audience or increase conversions to a specified call-to-action.

From Kristina Cisnero, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Hootsuite.
Originally published on the Hootsuite blog:

Earned Social Media

When your social media following, or people who viewed your content, link back to your website organically through a mention, retweet, or share, you’re acquiring earned social media. Similar to word of mouth, these unaffiliated users are voluntarily sharing your content through their own social media channels.

Earned social media traffic, in my opinion, is the best kind of social media traffic. The reason for this is because you’re receiving traffic without putting any effort from your own channels into acquiring that traffic. You’re reaching people without paying for that reach, and these are the kind of social media signals Google likes to receive when they decide whether or not you deserve to rank high in their search engine.

You can acquire earned social media traffic by creating content that people want to share, engaging and promoting content in LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Communities, and building relationships with social media influencers.

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Jim Berkowitz
Jim is a startup growth consultant and technology coach. Over the years he's assisted hundreds of organizations with getting, keeping and growing customers.

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With experience in agile marketing, lean canvas, growth hacking, digital marketing and CRM technology, Jim and his team at LaunchHawk Marketing offer a comprehensive range of consulting services designed specifically to help startups successfully scale their businesses.

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