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Our Services

Startup Advisory Services

If you’re an early stage startup, wanting to add marketing / growth expertise to your team as you strive towards the completion of your minimum viable product and achieving product market fit, than look no further.  We can help you complete your lean canvas testing, understand your customers (segments, personas and buying journeys), identify early adopters and influencers and uncover, through iterative testing prior to launch, the best traction channels for your product.

Growth Consulting

Many startups don’t achieve the long-term traction that they are looking for. Our growth consultants can help startups through any of the 4 growth stages using agile marketing and growth hacking techniques combined with our out-of-the-box thinking.  The 4 Growth Stages Are: the product market fit stage (when you’re initially trying to find the optimum paths to your customers), the hustle stage (when you’re scrambling to build your initial customer base), the scalable growth stage (when you’re trying to achieve rapid and consistent growth) and the stalled stage (when after achieving initial growth new traction channels must be found and implemented).


Digital Marketing Services

OMG, is there anything in the world today that changes so quickly.  It’s a full-time job just keeping up with the latest trends, marketing best practices, and enabling technologies.  When you’re in startup mode and not sure what’ll work, you’ve got to consider and experiment with each of the  traction channels (social media, content, email, mobile, influence and search engine marketing). No worries, we’ve got you covered.  Our startup marketing experts are here to work closely with your team, collaborating with you, and making sure we are educating you about everything we are doing, the technologies we’re using and the results of our efforts.

Technology Coaching

Don’t panic, but the marketing, sales and customer service (CRM) software marketplace is exploding.  It’s a challenge trying to navigate the dizzying array of competing, yet different technologies.  Okay, maybe a little panic is appropriate. However, LaunchHawk’s heritage lies in the world of technology evaluation and selection.  For 10 years, Jim Berkowitz, LaunchHawk’s Founder, has been one of the country’s top independent CRM Analysts; someone who has been responsible for making sense of this marketplace as well as someone who businesses of all sizes have turned to for help evaluating and selecting technology.  Jim makes it a point of pride to keep up with the world of CRM and he shares this knowledge readily with startups who need to scale their marketing and business operations. We’re not tied to any one technology solution.  Rather we select the best solutions for each client and help with the implementation and use of each product.

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